2023-2024 Catalog

MKT-855 Digital Marketing Challenges

The foundational course in the digital marketing track this course focuses on the consumer of digital media and five big picture marketing strategy challenges confronting marketers in the new digital (mobile +social) marketing era. Challenge 1: Marketing to a smarter, more engaged, empowered consumer; Challenge 2: Marketing to a networked, collaborative, and more social consumer; Challenge 3: Marketing to a more distracted and fickle consumer; Challenge 4: Marketing to a unique, individual consumer; and Challenge 5: Marketing to prosumers or producer-consumers. The course takes on these big picture challenges thorough a deep engagement with and critical analysis of readings and cases. Given this focus the course demands thorough preparation for class and active engagement in the class discussion. The evaluation is assignment and project based.




MBA-660, MBA-661, or MKT-815 must be taken prior to or at the same time as this course.