2023-2024 Catalog

MKT-818 Global Product Innovation

SBS graduate level Global Product Innovation (GMC) offers exciting, valuable, and practical global product innovation experience with international educational and/or corporate partners. This project-based course is organized by the Suffolk Marketing Department and an overseas partner school. Teams, consisting of Suffolk Business students and students from the partner school, work on new product or service development and marketing projects targeting one or multiple international markets. The focus will be on the marketing function's input to the innovation process during the pre-launch and launch stages, covering a wide range of issues (such as global market selection, concept generation and evaluation, design and positioning, test marketing, and product launch and tracking). Students will collaborate via virtual teaming technology throughout the semester and report product or service design and marketing plan to the business clients or entering the SBS New Product Competition in the end of the semester. Through a hands-on product innovation project in the global context, students will develop an understanding of the global market dynamism, the diversity of global consumer needs and business practices, and the challenges and advantages of cross-cultural team collaboration.




Take MKT 810 and MKT-860. Additionally take MKT-815, MBA-660, or MBA-661.