2024-2025 Catalog

Master of Public Administration and Master of Arts in Applied Politics


The Department of Public Service & Healthcare Administration, in conjunction with the Political Science & Legal Studies Department, offers a dual degree program in Public Administration and Applied Politics.

Degree Requirements: 18 courses, 54 credits

This 18-course (54 credits) program consists of:

  • Eight required MPA courses (24 credits)

  • Two MPA electives (6 credits)

  • Five required Political Science courses (15 credits)

  • Three Political Science electives (9 credits)

Upon completion of all MPA and MAAP requirements, students receive two degrees.

MPA Requirements: 10 courses, 30 credits

MPA Core Requirements (8 courses, 24 credits)

P.AD-711Foundations of Public Service and Administration


P.AD-713Managing Financial Resources


P.AD-715Quantitative Analysis


P.AD-716Public Service Human Resource Management


P.AD-717Organizational Change


P.AD-718Leadership Strategies for an Interconnected World


P.AD-810Public Sector Admin Law


P.AD-890Strategic Management


MPA Electives (2 courses, 6 credits)

Choose any two (2) P.AD 800- or 900-level elective courses.

Students must complete 30 credit hours in the MPA Program; P.AD and POLS electives are not interchangeable.



  • Students must take POLS-777 prior to taking P.AD-715.

  • Students with no professional public management experience must take P.AD-859 Public Service Internship (this will count as an elective). Students who take POLS-723 do not need to take P.AD-859 and can take an additional MPA elective.

  • Students should meet with their faculty advisor in both programs when determining their program.

Applied Politics Requirements: 8 courses, 24 credits

MAAP Core Requirements (5 courses, 15 credits)

POLS-723Graduate Internship


POLS-724Politics of Public Policy


POLS-747Seminar in Legislation and Lobbying


POLS-755Seminar Campaigns and Elections


POLS-777Writing for the Policy Professional


MAAP Electives (3 courses, 9 credits)

Electives can include any graduate course offered by the Political Science & Legal Studies Department. Other Suffolk University graduate courses may be taken as electives with the approval of the program director.

About the Dual Degree

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