2023-2024 Catalog

TAX-883 Introduction to International Taxation

This course is an overview course on international tax practice with emphasis on inbound, taxation of non-U.S. domestic entities with income generated within the U.S., and outbound taxation, taxation of U.S. domestic entities with income generated outside of U.S. borders. Students gain an understanding of the concept of nexus and its implications as it relates to an entity's potential tax reporting responsibilities and tax liability within the U.S. The course introduces students to the limitations on taxing authority as it relates to foreign entities as a consequence of protections afforded under U.S. constitutional and federal law, the implications of foreign tax treaties, and the strategies employed to avoid the risk of double taxation. The course emphasizes professional tax practice by employing a case study approach in which research of international tax matters is conducted, a written analysis of the findings is prepared and recommendations are presented.




Take TAX-801 or recieve MST Program Director approval