2024-2025 Catalog

PHYS-151 University Physics I

PHYS 151 is the first of a two-semester sequence (PHYS 151, 152) that comprise the calculus-based introductory physics sequence intended for students majoring in the physical sciences and mathematics. This course covers basic techniques in physics that fall under the topic of classical mechanics and their application in understanding the natural world. Specific topics include the study of vectors, Newtons laws, rotations, kinetic and potential energy, momentum and collisions, rigid body statics and dynamics, gravitation, simple harmonic motion, heat, kinetic theory, and thermodynamics. The student will learn how to analyze physical situations by using simple models, and how to solve those models and derive useful conclusions from them. This course will show students how experimental results and mathematical representations are combined to create testable scientific theories.




Student has completed or is in process of completing all of the following course(s) MATH 165 - Calculus I


Fall, Spring