2023-2024 Catalog

MBA-770 Leading and Implementing Change

The final course in the MBA curriculum ties together the integral components of the four industry clusters, strategy and business fundamentals to the experience of leading change. Students experience the change process personally through a simulation. Students then apply their learning to an applied project based in one of the four clusters that is team-based, client-focused, grounded in research, and integrates MBA concepts as required with a final presentation to a live client. As part of understanding change, students will also evaluate the wider societal impacts of the business change. Finally, students reflect on their MBA program in total, revisiting their career plan and vision. This course uses multiple approaches, defining, understanding and experiencing the strategic value of change at the organizational, team, and individual levels.




MBA students only. Take SBS 700 (or MBA-700), MBA 701, MBA 710, MBA 720 (OR MBA 721), MBA 730. (MBA 745, MBA 750 and MBA 760 may be taken previously or concurrently)