2023-2024 Catalog

HLTH-842 Global Health

The health and wellbeing of people throughout the world are challenged by many factors. To highlight those factors and what is being done to address them, this course focuses on global health problems and needs, including those related to infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, mental illness and substance abuse, and complex emergencies such as natural disasters and war, with particular attention to women, children and families. It also review critical global health-related policy issues such as poverty, population growth, the food and nutrition crisis, water wars, environmental degradation and climate change. Among the assignments, students write papers on specific global health problems and needs and identify healthcare and health-related organizations and financial resources in selected countries that are addressing the problems and needs. The course closes by examining the challenges of how to prioritize the deployment of scarce resources and mobilize citizens, governments and for-profit and non-profit organizations to enhance people's health and wellbeing and save civilization.