2023-2024 Catalog

HLTH-820 Leadership, Ethics, and Organizational Change in Healthcare

Today's successful healthcare organization depends upon a breadth and depth of leadership skills throughout, not only at the executive level. Leaders must work effectively with diverse professional and patient groups as well as other internal and external stakeholders. Leaders and organizations have enormous ethical responsibilities to these varied stakeholders. And leaders must skillfully guide their organizations through fast-paced change. This course is designed to promote intellectual growth and personal insight into one's own leadership capabilities and style as well as one's moral values and beliefs. The course also develops competency in the student's personal leadership practice and in leading and managing organizational change. The course introduces students to ethical concepts and to frameworks for ethical decision making; and it integrates ethics into students' development of their own leadership and change management skills and practice.




HLTH-705 and HLTH-740 (or MBA-721)