2023-2024 Catalog

HLTH-805 Big Data Strategies for Health and Healthcare

Data and data analytics have promise to give healthcare providers, patients, and payers the "fuel" they need to improve health, address healthcare challenges, and contribute to higher quality of life. This course introduces students to the exciting field of big healthcare data and use of real-world data across the healthcare industry. Big data, created from the huge amounts of information related to health and healthcare that comes from sources large and small across our digitalized society, requires strategies for identification, sourcing, evaluating, and utilizing. Building on the "Evidence-Based Healthcare Management" Foundation course, this course further develops students' competencies in identifying, assessing, and analyzing big data to create big data strategies with real-world impact. Deploying big data drives innovative solutions through its use of data science, information technology, and deep knowledge of a particular industry sector. This course focuses on descriptive applications in population health, community health, business intelligence, and behavior change. Students will obtain competencies in big data strategies based on obtaining evaluating information from multiple data sources, analyzing what metrics can be derived from various data sources, understanding how analytic tools are applied, using systems thinking to frame and solve problems, evaluating the pros and cons of various analytics approaches, and creating real-world solutions to healthcare gaps using case narratives, use cases, and presentations.




HLTH-705 and HLTH-707 (or P.AD-715 or ISOM-631)