2023-2024 Catalog

HLTH-730 Healthcare Operations Management and Performance Improvement

Introduces students to concepts, analytic tools, and techniques in operations management, including project management, process documentation and analysis, process improvement tools, Lean Six Sigma methodology, queuing theory, forecasting, Theory of Constraints, and supply chain management. Students will understand patient flow and will learn to measure and compare productivity between departments and healthcare organizations, to map processes and identify improvement opportunities, and to apply quantitative methods for optimal managerial decisions. The course builds on the "Evidence-Based Healthcare Management" foundation course. Class exercises, applied concept assignments, and other learning tools enable students to understand ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare organizations.




MHA, MSBA, MBA, and MPA students only. Take HLTH-705 and HLTH-707 (or ISOM-631 or P.AD-715)