2024-2025 Catalog

FIN-841 Financial Forecasting

The nature, techniques, and problems of business forecasting. Covers indicators of business activity, short-run econometrics forecasting models, and the construction of aggregate forecasts as well as forecasts of major economic sectors. Includes long-term predictions and the application of aggregate and sector forecasts for particular industries and firms.




Student has satisfied all of the following Student has satisfied all of the following Academic Unit (Computed) in the selection list Accounting, Accounting and Business Law, Business Administration, Business Administration Executive, Business Analytics, Business Law and Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Administration, Information System, Information Systems and Operations Management, INTO Sawyer Business School, Management and Entrepreneurship, Management Studies, Marketing, Moakley Center for Public Management, Public Administration, Public Administration and Health Administration, Sawyer Business School, Strategy and International Business Or Programs of Study any in the selection list Business Economics Major BSBA And Student has satisfied all of the following Student has completed any of the following course(s) MBA 650 - Value Based Financial Mgmt, MBA 651 - Financial Management for Business Decisions