2023-2024 Catalog

ACCT-804 Cost and Managerial Accounting

Examines the concepts and practices of cost measurement: variable costing, cost-volume-profit analysis, goal setting and performance monitoring, standard costing, and variance analysis. Students learn how to prepare a financial plan for a business by constructing operating, working capital, and capital budgets. Students study and practice Excel skills and how those are used to build a financial plan, analyze the sensitivity of the financial plan to different changes, examine performance, and measure and control overhead costs. Students study data analytics techniques and perform analyses in support of decisions, such as pricing, setting product line and customer profitability policy, sourcing of products and services, and matching costing systems to strategy. For MSA, GCA, & MST students this is the first managerial accounting course you will take. For MBA students, this potential elective course builds upon concepts learned in MBA 640.




Fall, Spring