2024-2025 Catalog

Sociology Minor

Sociology Minor Requirements: 5 courses, 20 credits

Core Requirements (2 courses, 8 credits)

Choose one of the following:

SOC-113Introduction to Sociology


SOC-H113Honors Introduction to Sociology


SOC-116Social Justice


Students in the Honors Program have the option of completing the Honors version of a course.

Choose one of the following:

SOC-214Research Methods in Sociology


SOC-315Social Conflict and Social Change


Electives (3 courses, 12 credits)

SOC-113 or SOC-116 can be used towards major electives if it is not being used as a minor requirement.
-Choose two additional 4-credit Sociology courses


-Choose one additional 4-credit Sociology course at the 300-level


Residency Requirement Policy: In the College of Arts and Sciences, a two-course (8 credit) residency requirement must be satisfied for completion of a minor and a four-course (16 credit) residency requirement must be satisfied for the completion of a major.

Minor Programs Policy: A student declaring a minor may use no more than two courses from a major or double major combination to fulfill the requirements for the minor. No more than one course from one minor may count toward the fulfillment of a second minor. Students may not minor in a subject in which they are also completing a major. For more information, see the Minor Programs section of the CAS Degree Requirements page.

About the Sociology Minor

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