2021-2022 Catalog

P.AD-312 Managing Public Service Financial Resources

This course introduces the fundamentals of budgeting, financial management, and revenue systems in the public sector. Course goals include: A heightened awareness of the democratic ideals and value that must inform budgeting and financial management decisions, including a commitment to ethics, transparency and accountability; an understanding of the budget process and the distinctive features of budgetary decision making in the public sector; an understanding of the critical linkage between budgeting and financial management systems and the capacity of an organization to achieve its strategic goals; the ability to use the budget and financial reports as planning and management tools; knowledge of the basic principles of taxation as well as the structure and functions of federal, state, and local revenue systems. The course emphasizes knowledge and skills essential to the full range of public service careers.




ACCT-201 and ACCT-202 and junior standing