2021-2022 Catalog

MGT-H405 People Analytics

Organizations are increasingly relying on, analytics to manage people at work and to make, human capital decisions. Managers and human, resource (HR) practitioners will continue to rely, on people analytics to gain insights into their, workforce, and to better align human capital, strategy with organizational performance. This, course will help students develop the skills to, become critical analysts within their, organizations. In this course, we will cover, ethical considerations and statistical analysis, techniques to address common human capital and, managerial decision-making issues that may arise, at various points in the HR management lifecycle,, such as during recruitment/hiring, performance, management, employee engagement and attrition, management. The skills learned in this course will, allow practitioners to make evidence-based, decisions through data analysis, interpretation,, and presentation.


STATS-240 and MKT-220. SBS Honors students only.