2024-2025 Catalog

ISOM-829 Advanced Data Management Leveraging ETL Tools

To prepare the students for the real data world workforce, this course will deliver more advance tools for Data Management. Students, who already have the SQL skills within a SQL Server database platform, will become proficient in database development using Stored Procedures, Data Functions and Cursor processing. Next on the curriculum, is a tool to Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) the data from multiple sources and store it in a target database. In this course, we will use the ETL tool, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Finally, the student will get an introduction into the design and development of data cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services. Students will complete a series of business-oriented hands-on exercises and projects on database development, data movement and data cubes.




Student has completed all of the following course(s) ISOM 821 - Data Management and Modeling